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About 750 San Dimas Charvels were built without serial numbers from '79 until 11/9/81. For the San Dimas Charvels, #1001 began the numbered series in late 81'. 1982 began with #1096, '83 with #1725, '84 with #2939, '85 with #4262, and '86 with #5304. Warning: Someone sold the leftover, excess numbered neckplates on the black market, so if you find a guitar with a San Dimas neckplate numbered 5492 or higher, it was not made by Charvel/Jackson!

To help you identify your Jackson / Charvel, use the following information: If you have a San Dimas California or Ontario California neckplate and, or have a "MADE IN USA" logo on the headstock, you have a USA MADE guitar. If you have a Ft.Worth Texas neckplate, or you have a neckplate that simply says Jackson / Charvel, you do NOT have a USA MADE guitar. However, there are a few rare pre-production, VERY SMALL CHARVEL LOGO'S that will also have a blank neckplate that are indeed USA MADE. Unfortunately there are a few people bootlegging this logo and selling the guitar's as REAL Charvel's so be careful.(Keep in mind these are very rare and before purchasing one get a second opinion)!

After Wayne Charvel left the company, he opened a shop in Redlands, Calif. It is estimated that he built less than 200 guitar's at this shop and the guitars sported several different logos, of which the W.C. logo and the W. CHARVEL logo are the most common. Most of these guitar's also had a neckplate with the Redlands, Calif address.

Also, ALL Jackson neck-thru guitars had a serial # on the fretboard's last fret. Most of these will be 4 digit #'s. Some will have letters also before the # like RR for Randy Rhoads, or PCS for players choice series, and all archtops will start with JA and then the 4 digits. You might see one letter like J or U and then the 4 digits also. All San Dimas Jackson and Charvel bolt-on guitars will have a 4 digit serial # on the neckplate. Ontario bolt-on Jacksons will have 4 or 6 digit serial #'. All Jackson's that have the Professional logo on the headstock are Japanese made!

Some employee and endorsee guitar's do not have serial numbers.