San Dimas Factory Tour



 Here are a couple of very early Charvel strats.  The left is a 21 fret model and the right a 22 fret...


 Grover wheel'n and deal'n

 A picture of a very young Mike Shannon.  Mike still works for Jackson as the Ontario California Production Manager.  As a matter of fact there are several employee's from the early years that are still building the Jackson's we buy new today!!



 An employee color sanding before buffing.

 Strat's, Strat's, Strat's....... What do you think that pile of strat headstock Charvel necks would be worth today?



 The guitars today are built very closely to the way they were built then!

 Some Jackson's with the early Jackson logo (MADE IN USA) placed under the "N" in Jackson instead of after the Jackson logo.  There are some Charvel strat's in the background ready for shipping.



 This was the San Dimas assembly room back then.  Check out the Jackson Tommy Gun Guitar in the background.

 Grover and Carlos from QUIET RIOT discussing future projects.  Back then Grover and JoAnn ran the whole shop.



 This "V" was built for Calos from QUIET RIOT, it was also in several DiMarzio ads in the 80's and was on the cover of Guitar World November 1984 with Carlos.  J0047

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