Delivery of steroids from the online store is carried out in the following ways: 


1. Our delivery service on the day of ordering to the door is completely free (with an order amount of $ 100.) .   

If the order consists of only one special offer , the delivery cost is $ 50. Special offers are displayed on the site with the label “Best Price in UK “.



If you are one of those people who do not like to wait, then you can use the express delivery service. The goods will be delivered anywhere in the country within 24 hours ! 

3. Pickup from our AAS store . After receiving a notice that your order has been formed, you can pick it up free of charge in our store daily from 10 to 21:00.


4. By bus .


5. By mail and transport companies.
Delivery in the UK is carried out by mail and various transport companies of your choice.


You can look at tariffs for delivery of goods by transport companies on official websites and use shipping calculators.

We deliver steroids to the transport company for free.


Delivery by mail UK impl estvlyaetsya 100% prepayment.

The shipping cost includes:

– mail box or envelope;

– packaging; Shipping costs 4% of the cost of shipping and delivery, which are charged by UK mail ;

Delivery to the post office is free!

You can find out the approximate cost of delivery on the official website of the UK post office   or from our consultants.


Parcel is dispatched and is made on the next business day after payment of the order. After 2-3 days, after your order you will receive the mailing number.