Well this is the very first photo of Randy's famous Jackson V. This photo was taken in Grover's office just after Mike Shannon completed the guitar.  Mike was in his early twentys!!!

This just may be the guitar that started it all...... for Charvel that is.  In the late seventy's Eddie Van Halen had this guitar built by Charvel Manufacturing.  Today it is the Holy Grail among Charvel collectors.  These guitars are very rare and are the most copied Charvel of all time.



 Here is a very early picture of a very busy Grover..... penny for your thoughts?

 WOW! check out all the strat headstock necks....this picture is from the San Dimas California Shop in the late seventies.



 Here is a picture from the 1980 NAMM Show ....thats Grover on the right and his wife and partner JoAnn and Mike Eldred.

 Some very rare color picts of bodys waiting to be assembled in San Dimas.



 Allan Holdsworth and Grover were very good friends in the early years of Charvel Manufacturing......Allans band used to practice in the San Dimas shop after closing.

 Allan Holdsworth and Eddie Van Halen in the glory days.



 Here is a picture of Mike Shannon testing a crackle Randy Rhoads V!


 Here are some picture of Mike Shannon and Pat McGarry the builders of the VH Charvel.The one to the left is the first one made 81/82 and the one below was made in June of 1984 and the first one was recently sold in $20.000.00 price range!!!!




A very young Grover Jackson with long time friend Allan Holdsworth.

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