Many people have asked me which Jackson guitar is the hardest to find? Well, there are a few that are very illusive! Most people like to chase the strat headstock strats. There are so many out there that people have bootlegged or screwed up in one way or another so I tend to stay clear of them unless I know for sure they're real.

It's very hard to fake a neck-through guitar so here are a few I have found to be very difficult to locate:

The Jackson Warrior

The Jackson Twelve String Soloist

The Jackson Demon

The Jackson Death Angel

The Jackson or Charvel Explorer

The Jackson Vinnie Vincent Flying V's

The Jackson Kelly, which has the two cutouts in the body

The Jackson Firebird

The Doubleneck Soloists

The Doubleneck King Vs.

There are probably less than fifty or so original Firebirds, three of which I own. One of my friends in Switzerland has twelve, another friend has seven and most of those were Robbin Crosbys (of RATT). So theyre getting to be pretty slim pickings.



There are about thirty doubleneck soloists and most of them were made for endorsees. I own one that belonged to Steve Lynch (of Autograph). I only know of two Doubleneck King Vs out there other than Dave Mustaine's.

I believe that there are less than ten twelve string soloists in existence. The only one I've seen is metallic blue, and belongs to a good friend of mine.

I have never played a Jackson Kelly with the cutouts, but I have seen pictures. My Swiss friend has a Kelly that's currently getting a face lift at the Jackson Custom shop. Other than that, I have never been able to locate one. Here is a picture of one out of a very early catalogue. If you find one let me know. Jackson stopped producing the cutouts because of the very sharp radius. It was hard to polish the paint inside the cutout area. Jackson has always been very proud of there finish work so they decided to make the edges smooth - Viola, the Kellys we see and play today. HAPPY HUNTING!!! (I have heard they made less than twenty or so!)

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