Steroid use at an early age: Should you wait?

Steroid use at an early age

If you are looking for the magic age regarding when to start taking steroids, you won ’t find one.
The advice given to teenagers by steroid veterans is usually to wait until at least age 21. Individuals under 21 are still developing; therefore, using steroids may interfere with the bodies natural development.

On the other hand, some bodybuilders began taking steroids in their late teens and received their professional card by age 21. This does not mean that we are condoning the use of steroids as a teenager. Everyone is different. Some have the discipline and maturity level to start at an early age while others don’t.

Starting too soon can cause symptoms that most don’t experience until they are much older. These include, low sex drive, a decrease in energy, low endurance and other issues. It is also important to understand there is more to steroid use than taking a pill or injection. Many young people don’t take the time to eat right or follow any type of training routine

Lift mainly at the top.
That is why the traster is a good method for the development of endurance, strength. The best workout for fat burning is strength training with iron, or cardio training. do not straighten your arms completely; keep a slight bend. A competent and rational approach, strict regularity and a small proportion of patience will allow you to achieve harmony and strength. To restore the body, it is necessary to stop the use of dostinex, until the level of proctoline is normalized. To eliminate excess weight, the rule applies: before eating (apple, cherry, carrot) you need to drink a glass of water.