The professionals at Jackson / Charvel are dedicated to building the finest guitars on the planet. PERIOD!

After plant manager Tim Wilson introduced me to production manager Mike Shannon, Mike took me to the wood shop.



 Here I was introduced to the Wood Lord, Pat McGarry, an original Charvel Jackson employee.

 Here is where the wood is hand selected and the necks and bodies are rough cut before shaping.



 Here Mike shows us a Jackson neck in its rough stage before sanding and shaping.

 After the ebony fingerboard was shaped, I was shown the machine that cuts the fret slots.



 If you look closely at the picture above you can see all the blades that cut the fret slots. As the fingerboard is slid back and forth, the slots are all cut at the same time.

 After the fingerboard is cut, it is glued to the neck. The wings (or sides) of the guitar are then glued to the neck (center) of the guitar and held in place with the clamps you see to the right.



The guitars are then left overnight for the glue to dry. 

  Here Pat shows us what they look like after this process.