What is Post Cycle Therapy? Do steroids users need to run PCT?

What is Post Cycle Therapy

Post Cycle Therapy, commonly referred to as PCT, is what users run after finishing a steroid cycle. PCT helps to restore natural testosterone production which is often suppressed by the use of steroids. It also plays an important role in maintaining gains made during a steroid cycle.
Nolvadex and Clomid There are several varieties that can pump more thoroughly and more specifically. are the two main drugs used for PCT. It is important to understand that when you complete PCT it doesn ’t mean the body is fully recovered. Using Clomid and /or Nolvadex for PCT works by kickstarting your body into action. The full recovery process can take many weeks, sometimes months to complete.
Not all steroid users run PCT after completing a cycle, but those that choose not to do so are putting their bodies at risk down the road. Steroids when used for long periods of time at excessive doses eventually do wear and tear on the body. By not restoring what is lost during a cycle, the body may not get the full effects/benefits from future steroid cycles .

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